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This herbal elixir is made using apple cider vinegar, honey, nettle, blackberry leaf, cleavers and parsley. Cleavers is known as a lymphatic herb. It’s diuretic action supports the elimination of waste and toxins from the kidneys, while the nutrient rich herbs contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Apple cider vinegar supports healthy gut flora.

Add to still or sparkling water for a refreshing drink, use as salad dressing or add it to your favourite cocktail. Whatever you choose you get the benefit of all those wonderful ingredients….

Once open store in a fridge. 250 ml recyclable glass bottle.

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1 review for Detox Boost

  1. Mary Healy-White

    I absolutely love love your detox tonic, I bought it a month ago & I have about a half a teaspoon in a wine glass of sparkling water most evenings (I do this x 4 times maybe 3 evenings per week) & I swear to god I honestly feel like I am having a lovely refreshing glass of prosecco!! the taste is magical, I have a stone lost in the last month (I have also cut out all the rubbish etc., from the christmas celebrations etc.,) but I just wanted to say I think your product has definately helped me, so well done for such a great product, I love it & am going ordering more. It is amazing. Keep up the good work.

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