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The Sióg Rosehip Face Serum was a Silver Award Winner for Sustainable Ingredients in the Global Green Beauty Awards 2023 and a finalist for the Free From Skincare Awards in 2021.

Rosehip seed oil contains vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids, earning it the reputation of being the ultimate anti aging oil. This Serum contains Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender and vitamin E oils, all of which support healthy glowing skin.

Suitable for all skin types. This serum comes in a 30ml bottle with a dropper for easy application. Apply a couple of drops to clean dry skin as part of your night-time routine.

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8 reviews for Face Serum

  1. Aisling O’Connell

    I purchased the Rose Hip Oil and Plantain cream a few weeks ago and have been using it since! I must say the difference I have seen over the last few weeks is incredible! I have tried many products over the years for my skin as I suffer from breakouts and I must say that is one of the best products I have ever used! It’s only been a few weeks and the difference it has made is something else, I will continue to use this product and can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone that is having any issues with spots, breakouts or acne

  2. Attracta Doran

    Well this is one very happy customer. Thanks Tara. Your Rosehip Face Serum is perfect for my dry, older and weather beaten face….I spend most of my time outdoors in all weathers. It is soothing and kind to my skin. I use it in the morning and have no need to top it up again during the day. A couple of drops and yet it achieves so much. Thanks also for your super efficient service…..and friendly service of course. This is an excellent product. Well done x

  3. Mary Mullany

    Absolutely love the face serum. Beautiful to apply as a night treatment. I’m back for more!

  4. Chiara Reilly

    I am in love with this face serum. I am quite picky about what I put on my face but no need to worry with this amazing product. It glides on my skin so smoothly and my face just glows. I am sold.

  5. Tester for the International Free From Skincare Awards July 2021

    I’m really very pleased with this product. I think it reduced pigmentation very well indeed, and makes my skin so soft. I use it at night and it’s lovely to wake up and still feel the effects. I had a beauty oil previously that I thought was ‘the one’ but it’ll have to move over as my Siog Rosehip Serum has taken its crown! It sells itself as an anti ageing oil. Delivers what is promised and more. it’s great!

  6. Tester for the International Free From Skincare Awards July 2021

    I really like the consistency of this product. It’s a light oil. It goes on my skin beautifully. And makes my skin feel nourished. My skin looks glowing after application. It’s a very successful product that fits in well to my daily/weekly routine. There was nothing I disliked about this.

    This serum appears to be nourishing my skin. After application, my skin looks glowing. There is an improvement to the texture and feel of my skin as time goes on. The serum feels very nurturing on my skin and is deeply nourishing. My skin is glowing, too. I am very happy with it.
    This serum has delivered very well. This is based on my skin improving over the month, in look, feel and texture. It says it’s the ultimate anti-aging oil and is essential for healthy glowing skin. I believe its claims are true and it’s lived up to all of them. I would like to say thank you for creating such a brilliant, beautiful smelling serum that has improved my skin in look, texture and feel. It’s perfect.

  7. Tester for the International Free From Skincare Awards July 2021

    Product smells divine and packaging great in dark glass bottle.
    The texture of this serum is quite oily and unlike other serums I have tried which are usually a bit thicker. It is a clear very pale straw colour with a very delicate balanced fragrance of lavender, frankincense and geranium which I loved. The oils are completely appropriate for this product as they are all oils that encourage cell turnover.
    I liked that immediately after first use I could see a difference on the dry/sun damaged areas of my cheeks – it hydrated and moisturised them well. I liked the dropper delivery for precision as only a few drops are needed. On a day-to-day basis it certainly did very well – my skin looked and felt fresher. I also liked that it absorbed well. Smells divine. it fitted well into my routine as just a few drops of this serum was used after cleansing in the morning.

    The performance of this serum was definitely maintained during the testing period and there were overall improvements in my skin. I am prone to getting some redness but during the testing of this serum I didn’t experience this at all – it has a very soothing and calming effect.
    Towards the last week of the testing period my skin began to look less dry before I’d even used the serum so there was a definite improvement in the dry skin areas on my cheeks and around the top of my eyebrows where there is usually dry skin when I wake each day. The skin feels much smoother and looks a bit plumper and fresher.
    This serum most definitely delivered on what it claims to do i.e. an anti aging serum that makes the skin glow – it exceeded my hopes as my skin did look fresher, plumper and thus more youthful! The claims are not exaggerated as it did exactly what it was designed to do probably due to the antioxidants and essential fatty acids in the serum.
    It’s a fantastic product.

  8. Judges from the Global Green Beauty Awards 2023

    A lovely light serum which absorbed easily into the skin and left it glowing. The smell of lavender also added to the pampering experience of the product. We also noted the carefully selected natural ingredients of the product.

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